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Business Challenges

During the past years, managers became more and more pressured to improve the performance of their company/department and at the same time to realize cost reductions. Massive investments in ERP, workflow management, CRM, e-Business, etc... often do not fulfil these expectations. A cause for this disappointment can often be found in the lack of research to the efficiency of the existing business processes. In their search for improvement, managers discovered that the performance or the success of their company/department often results from a better organization of the existing business processes. Well structured, well organized and well managed processes are often the answer to many difficulties and challenges that companies meet today.

Do you want to take action to:
- Improve your competitive strategy
- Aim at higher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
- Start up a new working environment
- Optimize your "Time to market"
- Achieve a higher client focus
- Build up a channel strategy
- Improve your operational resilience
- Meet your planned budgets
- Realize better organizational and company results
- Eliminate activities who have little or no added value

A solution for the above mentioned challenges lies without any doubt in the improvement of your business processes. An improvement that can be reached by describing, analyzing, simulating, optimizing, and implementing the business processes.





The Chain Approach

Chain delivers services in all areas of process management, starting from the development of a common vision to the implementation of that vision, from the design of the processes to the transformation into practice. The Chain consultants perform these activities based on their large theoretical background combined with a wide practical experience.

A. Chain focuses on those processes that have a high direct impact on the organization and its management.
- Chain acts through a profound BPR methodology on ALL the processes in your company.
- Chain is result driven and we guarantee a clear measurable improvement.

B. Chain changes your organisation in REALITY

- Complete consultancy : Traditional consultancy firms usually restrict themselves to writing reports and studies. Chain will also implement her suggestions.
- Change Management : Chain will execute together with you the implementation and will integrate in all her projects a profound Change Management. We will coach the key persons in your organisation in order to realize together the improvement. This all based on your needs.
- Project - Interim Management : In order to realise a profound change in your organisation we can also offer you specific project management and interim management.
C. Chain has a large experience in process improvement
- Chain has build up experience within the "Big 5" consultancy companies and has a profound knowledge of processes in all sectors.
- All our consultants have practical experience with Business Process Re-engineering
- The gathered experience applies for both private and public sectors.




Who is "Chain"

Chain was founded in 2004 by Eddy Merckx as an alternative for the bigger consulting firms who cover a growing range of consulting services and focus more on IT-related services. Too often, companies start their automation process before they start looking in a critical way at their own processes and improving them. Chain is the specialist in process management and will focus on the core of your organization, the processes.

The name Chain refers directly to the sequence of links - the activities -, who together constitute the 'chain' - the process - in a company. Not only a 'chain', but also a company is as strong as its weakest link.

Chain is the specialist for process analysis in your company. Together with you, we search for possible solutions to improve your processes

Within Chain, different independent consultants with a large practical experience in consulting work together. At this way, different processes can be investigated by their own specialists.




Eddy Merckx is an engineer and has holds a master degree in industrial management and logistics management. Before moving towards consulting, he started his career in the pharmaceutical sector where he worked in production logistics. Meanwhile he built up more then 10 years of consulting experience in mainly Supply Chain Management and worked in various sectors. He works also as a logistics interim and crisis manager and project manager
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